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Modify, modify, If You Need To

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P90x is a very intense 90-day home workout program designed to help you lose fat, increase strength and build muscle.   Take it from someone who has completed P90x over 5 times, at some point you will struggle with the P90x workouts no matter how fit you are.  I personally modified several moves for multiple rounds before I was able to complete.  Whether you are in great shape or are you have just started working out, modifying some of the exercises helps you complete the daily P90x workouts while still getting the results you want.  The great thing about Tony Horton and P90X is the fact that you don’t have to guess how to modify the moves, Tony does it for you.  Each move throughout the DVD’s are given at least two modification moves.  The ones I listed below are just a few.CLICK HERE  to watch video of Tony Horton discussing how to listen to your body.


1.)  Perform bent knee pushups instead of doing standard push ups with your toes on the floor.  Another option is to start a set of  standard pushups, do as many as you can with proper form and then go to your  knees when you are unable to continue using proper form.  Once you build upper body strength and can perform 12 to 15 pushups on your knees, perform standard pushups as shown in the workout videos.

2.)  Position a chair directly in front of you before  attempting to do pull-ups on a chin-up bar.  Rest either one foot or both feet on the chair to aid you in completing as many pull-ups as you can.  The further the chair is from you, the harder the pull up.  When you feel comfortable doing pull ups without the chair, try tapping your foot on the ground to give you a boost.3

3.) Complete all P90X arm and shoulder exercises using a resistance band in place of dumbbells.  Instead of using a chin-up bar, loop a resistance band through a door frame attachment, and pull down on the band with both hands to simulate the various pull-ups performed in the P90x  videos.


CLICK HERE to watch Tony Horton discuss the proper use for resistance bands.


4.) Keep your feet on the floor as an alternative to jumping completely off the floor.  When performing jump squats, roll up on your tiptoes and raise only the heels of your feet off the floor.  During the Mary Katherine lunges, instead of jumping to switch legs before a lunge, simply step forward with the opposite leg and then perform the lunge.  These are demonstrated in the video.


5.) Substitute Cardio X for Plyometrics if you have chronic knee problems.  Plyometrics, or jump training, is a cardio workout that requires jumping with every exercise performed during the workout.  Cardio X, also a cardio workout, is less intensive than Plyometrics and requires only minimal jumping.  Cardio X is also great for beginners who may not be ready for Plyometrics, “The mother of all workouts”.


CLICK HERE to watch Tony Horton discuss how to modify plyometric movements.


6.) Push your personal pause button.  If you need to take a breather before finishing out a particular exercise, skip out on a few reps.  Walk around the room so your heart rate does not drop too quickly, and then jump back into the workout as soon as you can.


CLICK HERE to watch Tony Horton discuss how to modify big moves in a small room.

Tips and Warnings

  • Ensure you are ready to begin P90x by completing the fitness test provided with the P90x kit before starting the program.  Reduce the risk of injury by lessening your effort or stopping completely if your muscles start to shake during any of the exercises.

Things You’ll Need

  • Set of resistance bands with door frame  attachment


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Article reviewed by Samantha Davidson Last updated on: Mar 30, 2011 Jennifer Murray,


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