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According to the dictionary momentum is defined as the force or speed of movement, as of a physical object or course of events.  It is also know by driving power or strength.  Whenever you start something new, having a little momentum behind you can go along way in determining your success or failure.  Its no different when starting a new health and fitness lifestyle.  There are days that if feels like your climbing a mountain, beating your head against the wall or trying to move boulders like the one in the featured image.  LOL!  Guess what, you are not alone!

I am a former football coach, so I understand momentum very well.  When momentum is on your side, EVERYTHING seems to go your way.  When the momentum shifts against you, you can’t do anything right!

Did you know that momentum also affects YOU in the same way?  It affects your relationships, your careers, your school, your nutrition, your workouts, your attitude … EVERYTHING!!  So I put together a list of things that should help keep the “Mo” on your side as you start, continue or looking to improve your fitness.

Tips and tricks to maintain your workout momentum

1.) Admit that its time for a change.  Momentum leads to more momentum, so admitting that its time for a change and getting serious about it can only push you further.

2.) Whatever your work out involves; make sure that you right down the reps, times or weight, especially on the things that you dislike the most.  Whether it is the cross trainer, weights or squats, make sure you record the information so that you look back next time, you can try to break your old records.  Doing this really helps me and keeps me motivated.

3.) If you try to work out four, five or even six times a week, try to get them done during the week either before or after work so that you have the weekend to yourself and to your family.  While you may feel that you are too busy, making time for your workouts will help you gain momentum and feel more energized.

4.) Signing up for a run and raising some money for charity is a good way to keep your fitness levels up.  You certainly won’t want to splutter and cough your way around the course because you haven’t trained enough.  Similarly knowing you are raising money for a good cause will keep you motivated as you won’t want to let the charity down.  Lookout for marathons and races that are coming up near you!

5.) One way to ensure that you don’t skip a workout is to sign up for a free WOWY membership through  Having someone to push you through a work out and encourage you will also help to keep you motivated, plus you can find others who are doing the same workout that you are.  Find yourself a gym buddy.  There have been plenty of studies that have found that working out with someone helps to keep you motivated.  Not only will they help to encouraged you on days when you don’t feel like exercising, but if you were to skip, you will likely feel guilty for letting them down and then shame when you could have actually gone and you are now lagging behind.  The WOWY SuperGym is like facebook for workout junkies.

6.) Put some good music on you iPod or MP3 player and rock your workout.  Something that gets you pumped up and motivated with a beat that can help you keep your pace will keep you on the right track.  Music can certainly help you along on a long run or give you a little boost when you’re weary and a good song comes on.  It will also help to take your mind off the tiredness.

7.) If there are some exercises that you really don’t like, then don’t do them. If you need to do cardio but hate running try something else, such as swimming, the stationary bike or a cross trainer. There is no point doing something you really hate as you’re likely to lose your motivation and slowly begin to give up.  Do things you actually enjoy.  However, some of the workouts that I used to hate are now the ones I enjoy the most.  Why?  Because I pushed through them and improved.

8.) Change your workout once in a while rather than sticking to the same circuit the whole time.  It will help to keep things interesting and therefore it will help to keep you motivated, rather than bore you. This is why I like to use hybrids with my Beachbody workouts.  Instead of doing P90X over and over, I will mix in some Insanity, The Asylum or Tony Horton’s 1 on 1’s to keep it fresh.  You will also see better changes as your body doesn’t get use to one form of workout and is constantly being challenged.

9.) Make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day and stay hydrated.  Just by being the slightest bit dehydrated will make you tire faster and cut short your workout.  Make sure you have a drink before you work out and afterwards to replace lost liquids from sweating.

10.) Make your workout your priority. If you know you don’t have time in the evenings then set your alarm an hour earlier.  I started doing this a few months ago and I realized it really isn’t that big a deal and it will actually get you going for the day, making you feel charged and fresh.  Morning workouts are a lot better for you then after work in the evenings.  Get a calendar and mark out the days that you are going to exercise during the week.  Schedule it and don’t miss it.  Tony Horton will take a calender and schedule 20 workouts for the following month and mark them off when he finishes.  His goal is to get 20 workouts in 30 days.

If you’ve lost the momentum, it’s not too late.  If you’ve fallen out of the workout routine, out of the diet, and are paddling against the current, DON”T GIVE UP!  Do something extreme!  Make that big play to get the momentum back!  Write down your commitment to yourself of how you will do it, tell as many people as you can to hold you to it, and go all-in!


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