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Morning Workouts?

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If you’ve ever thought about working out first thing in the morning but were too scared to try it, check out these tips, stop snoozing and get your butt out of bed.  Here are some ways to make sure that you get your workout in before anyone else gets up.

1.) Pack the night before – To make it harder for me to say “NO!!”, I prepare the night before.  First, I find out what my workout is and go ahead and place it in the DVD player.  Then, I prepare my workout space with equipment, mats, etc.  Finally, I wear my workout clothes to bed, that way when the alarm go off I’m all ready to get up and get moving.  These are just a few simple things but for me they help tremendously.

2.) Plan your workout – The great thing about beachbody workouts is they all come with a workout program and monthly calendar.  No guessing what workout I should do, no trying to figure out the perfect schedule, beachbody has all ready done it for me.  When I start a new workout program I know exactly what I’m doing for the next 30, 60 or 90 days.  For me that’s a HUGE to boost my motivation.

3.) Force yourself to get up – In the beginning it may take a few days or weeks to get your body used to this new routine.  Keep pushing yourself to get up and eventually it will be “second nature” to get up early and get your workout in.  Then, you will start to realize that throughout the day you don’t have to look forward to working out after a full day and every meal that day fuels your body and helps it to recover.

4.) Drink a glass of water – Drinking a glass of water immediately after you wake up will not only start rehydrating your body but will give you a boost of energy to keep going.  Try it!

5.) Get some sleep – Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep every night, waking up with less than at least 7 hours will make it much more difficult to get up.

6.) Make friends – Find someone who will help encourage you or even workout with you at the same time, even if its on-line.  I have several people all over the country that we workout at the same time every morning and help encourage each other by posting our workouts.  Finding others and relying on each them for motivation can help get your new fitness routine going.

7.) Reward yourself – Find clever ways to reward yourself every week or every month.  Don’t make it just a weight loss goal, maybe reward yourself for completing 3, 4 or 5 workouts that week.  Reward yourself at the end of the week for eating clean everyday, every meal that week.  Maybe even reward yourself for reaching a new weight max during one of your workouts.  Just be careful you don’t over do it and ruin any progress you’ve made.

8.) Remember, you’ll burn more calories in the morning! – Nuff said.

If you’ve never tried working out in the morning don’t hesitate to try it and like I said earlier make the commitment to keep going for at least a few weeks to give your body time to adjust to the new schedule.


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