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My Top 5 Workouts

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Wow! This post has been almost 5 years in the making.  Back in March 2009 I started my first Beachbody workout P90X.  I made the commitment to follow the nutrition guide, eat clean and workout with Tony 6 days a week.  Well, 70 lbs later I’ve completed almost every Beachbody workout they offer and at 39 years old, I’m in the best shape of my life.  So, I was thinking one day, “What would be my top 5 Beachbody workouts?”  After pondering that question and comparing the programs I’ve come up with my TOP 5 Beachbody workouts.

5.) P90X 2 – Tony’s 2nd installment in the P90X series takes what people are familiar with the original P90X workouts and introduces you to fitness at a whole new level, functional fitness.  P90X2 takes the formula that made P90X so popular and focuses more on functionality, balance, agility, mobility and visible results.  These are workouts that top athletes all over the world use to keep them at the top of their games.

What I like best – Variety, variety and more variety.  This workout has it all, from traditional moves, to traditional moves with a twist, such as on 1 leg or using a medicine ball or stability ball.  You body is constantly being challenged, especially your core.  There is not a workout in P9oX2 that doesn’t work your core to the MAX!!  It also contain a nutrition guide that offer a traditional guide, vegan and gluten-free.



4.)  FOCUS: T25 – This is Shaun T’s newest workout program.  The name says it all, the workouts are 25 minutes, the catch . . .no breaks!!  I’m serious no breaks, no warm-up and the cool down does not count towards the 25 minutes.  

What I like best – The workouts are short but very high intensity.  These are great workouts if you’re short on time or if you’d like to add a little variety to your regular workout routine.  They also offer not just cardio, but resistance workouts as well . . . oh did I mention there are NO BREAKS!!!  The nutrition guide is simple and easy to follow.  You want have trouble finding great meals with T25’s nutrition guide.



3.) INSANITY – This is one of my favorite cardio workouts and a staple of my hybrid workouts.  Insanity as you to “Dig Deeper” than you thought possible and you will need to if you’re going to complete this program.  Insanity helped my lose 10 lbs and drop 4% body fat in just 60 days.  When I finished my first round I was truly in the best shape of my life.

What I like best – I love the intensity.  When I finished an Insanity workout I felt a sense of accomplishment like I’ve never experienced with any other workout.  Again, Shaun T’s nutrition guide is simple with a lot of high carb meals, trust me, you’re going to need it. 






2.) Body Beast – Body Beast is different from most Beachbody workouts that focus mainly on weight loss and toning.  Body Beast is “Ole School” weight lifting with a modern component called Dynamic Set Training.  This type of training uses a variety of weight lifting moves to help you add up to 20 lbs of muscle in just 90 days.  Here’s a rundown of the types of sets you’re going to use: single sets (1), super sets (2), giant sets (3), multi-set, force set, progressive set, combo set, circuit set and a tempo set, shewww.

What I like best – I love the weight lifting workouts.  I started working out in a dark, dusty, ole school gym when I was in the 6th grade (it was a great babysitter after school until my mom got off work).  I enjoy pushing myself with each exercise and trying to see if I can add just 5 more pounds or just 1 more rep.  These are my favorite types of workouts.





1.) P90X – As I mentioned earlier, P90X was my first experience with Beachbody workouts.  Almost 5 years later, P90X is still in my opinion the best overall workout program Beachbody offers, from the nutrition guide, the variety of resistance workouts and cardio workouts to the incredible intensity.  P90X was my “gateway” workout and has truly changed my life like no other workout.

What I like best – Even though P90X has been around over 10 years it is still the #1 selling workout program in the world.  It’s not only transformed my life, but the lives of millions around the world and gave them the tools to get in the best shape of their lives.






I guarantee that any of the workouts, if followed from start to finish will have you in the best shape of your life.  For more checkout the programs tab above.


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