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New Beachbody Challenge Packs

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Everybody is looking for a good challenge . . . right?  Then you should take the Beachbody Challenge?  The #1 in home fitness provider is challenging YOU to get in the best shape of your life and they’ve provided all the tools and incentives you’ll need to be successful.
So take the Beachbody Challenge!!  You have nothing to lose (except some body fat), and EVERYTHING to gain!  It’s totally free to “take the Beachbody Challenge”.  And you are in the running for lots of cool prizes =
  • $500 daily winners
  • $1000 monthly winners
  • $5000 quarterly winners (plus a paid trip)
  • $100,000 grand prize

That’s not exactly chump change!  And like I said, it’s free to enter and it will light your fire to push harder than you ever would have before!

There are also some great product bundle deals for those of you looking to start a program or wanting to buy an additional / different program.  You can save some nice $$ with the Beachbody Challenge Packs (see below for details on the packs).

Here’s Beachbody’s CEO, Carl Diakeler, telling you a little more about this great incentive=

 Beachbody Challenge Pack

 Each Beachbody Challenge Pack includes everything you need to get started:
  • Shakeology Home Direct (never heard of Shakeology, CLICK HERE)
  • A Fitness Program (see Beachbody Challenge Pack image above)
  • 1 Month Beachbody Club membership.
  • Free shipping and handling.
  • Plus, If you sign up as a coach Beachbody will waive your sign-up fee ($40.00)

If you have family or friends who could use some accountability in getting themselves on track please share this with them.  Give your friends and family the gift of health and your support and together they will achieve the results they’ve always wanted.

Get started today by following the banner below, it’s a life changer people!  You will have access to the Challenge Packs through the free Beachbody Challenge sign-up process.

Here’s a breakdown of the Beachbody Challenge Pack Discount using the $205 pack as an example:

Shakeology ($119.95) + P90X ($119.85) + 1 Month Beachbody Club Membership ($12.00) = $251.80


You will receive free shipping.  Shipping charges are based upon your location, P90X and Shakeology are shipping together for $19.78.

So you get $271.58 of product and support for only $205, that’s a savings of roughly $67.

So as you can see, with these Challenge Packs, there are some nice savings if you are looking to get a new workout program, try Shakeology, or become a coach.

And if you already have your workout program, you can still enter the Beachbody Challenge without buying anything.  You don’t have to buy a Challenge Pack to enter the Beachbody Challenge.  It’s just an added incentive if you are looking for a bundled package discount.

So for those interested in taking the Beachbody Challenge (which should be all of us because who wouldn’t want to be in the running for free prizes??), click here to TAKE THE BEACHBODY CHALLENGE.

Once on the teambeachbody page, click “Take The Challenge,” enter your info, chose your workout and Shakeology, and follow the instructions. It will guide you through the entire process to get started.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or leave a comment below.  If you are interested in becoming a Beachbody Coach (more info) to host your own challenges, remember Beachbody is waiving the cost of becoming a coach if you purchase one of the above challenge packs during the coach sign-up process.


Coach Greene

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