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P90X 3 Review

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P90X 3 Review 

Beachbody is no stranger when it comes to creating some of the most challenging home workout programs on the market.  For the past several years, programs such as Insanity, Insanity Asylum, P90X, P90X2 and T25 have grown in popularity and now the company is the leader in the world of fitness.  So what’s Beachbody’s latest workout program?  P90X 3, the third version of the P90X series.

If you’ve completed P90X or P90X 2, you will not be disappointed by the next installment.  Like Focus T25, P90X3 is designed for shorter workouts with maximum results.  P90X 3 is a combination of P90X and P90X 2, but all 20 workouts are only 30 minutes.  No more “I don’t have time” excuses, with P90X3 your get the same workout that you normally would in a 60 minute program but in half the time.  It’s shorter but not easier!!

What You Need to Know. 


If you’re familiar with Tony’s first two programs, P90X and P90X2, then you’re aware both of those workouts ranged from 30 to 60 minutes in length.  With P90X3, Tony eliminates the “I don’t have time” excuse because each workout in the series is only 30 minutes in length.  This is one of the biggest differences between X3 and the first 2 P90X workouts.  The X3 workouts will appeal to both beginners who are starting a fitness program and the X veterans who have been “Bringin’ It” for a while.  Anyone can squeeze in a 30 minute workout and it’s short enough to be completed before work, on your lunch break or before going to bed.

What’s Included in the P90X3 Program Series?

The P90X3 Series is available in three options.  



Ultimate – CLICK HERE 

Elite (Complex Upper, Complex Lower and Ab Ripper X) – CLICK HERE

Challenge Pack – CLICK HERE

If you would like more info about P90X 3, such as a video trailer, workout list or pricing CLICK HERE

What Equipment Will I Need?

One of the best things about all the P90 X workouts is that you will need very little equipment to get great results.  This makes them even easier to do when you are at work, on the road for business or even away on vacation. If you’ve already completed an X program, then you’ve got all the equipment you need.  If this is your first time with a P90X workout the only equipment you will need in the P90X3 series are several dumbbells of varying weights and/or resistance bands and a pull up bar.  Other optional equipment include a pair of cross training shoes (I workout barefoot) a yoga mat and a medicine or stability ball.

P90X3 Workouts

All of the P90X3 workouts are 30 minutes in length with a 2 to 3 minute cool down period in the end. The only exception is the Ab Ripper X3, which is only 15 minutes long.  The workouts are designed to be completed in three blocks, each lasting between 4 to 5 weeks each.  The first two blocks last 4 weeks and the last block is 5 weeks long.  If you want to continue past the initial 90 day period, you can follow the Elite Block calendar and add an additional 4 weeks to the program.  If you wish to do this, you will need to purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate P90X3 Kits since the Elite Block includes three additional workouts not included with the P90X3 Base Kit.  If you prefer, these workouts can also be purchased separately in addition to the base kit itself.

In addition to the block schedule, you will also have the option to follow workout schedules depending on your fitness goals.  The four options include the Classic, Lean, Doubles and Mass.


The Classic program includes a wide variety of workouts spread out throughout the 90 days. It aims to give you the best whole body workout with a balance between strength, cardio and conditioning.


If your goal is to lean out your physique and burn fat, you will want to choose the Lean workout schedule.  This focuses more on the cardiovascular aspect of the program and emphasizes the workout videos that will get you there.


Doubles is exactly as it sounds.  It is double the workouts each day. If a 30 minute workout is not enough for you, you can choose to follow the Doubles workout schedule, and do two workouts per day instead of one. This will give you a one hour workout each day comprised of two workouts within the P90X3 series.


Mass is new to the P90X series in general and is geared towards men and women that want to increase muscle mass in their bodies.  This is the schedule that I chose for my first round.  It focuses on the strength portion of the series and is designed to put on weight.  If you opt for this schedule, you should already be at your desired weight and plan on gaining some weight as increased muscle as well.

Workout DVDs

The 16 workouts come in 8 DVDs separated into four categories.  These are Resistance, Power, Cardio and Core, Flex and Balance.  Below is an outline explaining how the workouts are categorized.


  • Total Synergistics – Synergistic means compound moments, during these workouts you will be preforming multiple moves at a time for maximum effect.  For example, push-ups with side arm balance and pull-ups with high knee pulls.  This type of workout allows you to utilize multiple muscle groups with every exercise you perform.  According to Beachbody, these compound movements increase the force on the body which stimulates the body’s natural ability to produce performance enhancing hormones, like testosterone.  These hormones ignite powerful metabolic changes and are very effective at giving you the body you’ve always wanted.

  • The Challenge – If you’ve completed the 30/15 workout from Tony’s 1 on 1 series then this workout will be familiar with a minor exception.  You chose two number, one for a variety of push-ups and the other for a variety of pull-ups.  If you choose 20/10 for example that means you will perform 20 push-ups along with 10 pull-ups.  You will complete 4 rounds, each round consists of 2 pull-up moves and 2 push-up moves.  The push-ups range from standard, military, wide and staggered.  The pull-ups use similar variety with wide, chin-ups (palms facing), close grip and vaulter (alternating hand grips).  Oh and I almost forgot!!!  There is also a burnout round where you chose the push-ups and pull-ups you want to finish the workout with.  I promise, when you finish this workout your upper body will be PUMPED and ON FIRE!!
  • Incinerator – This is a total body workout designed for you to reach failure on every exercise.  The workout involves push and pull movements that engage the same primary muscle groups.  The first movement targets hypertrophy (muscle growth), and the last pushes you past your limits.  My advice would be to start slow and use light weight until you learn the moves and then you can start to increase the weights and FEEL THE BURN!!  The workout include some more push-up and pull-up moves and weight lifting in lunge poses.  I was breathing heavy after this one.
  • The Warrior – This workout is a total body workout, without weights.  Tony designed this workout from working with the U.S. Armed Forces for over 10 years.  You’ll perform circuits of upper and lower body, as well as core and cardio work.  This is a one size fits all workout and my first test of The Warrior was from a hotel gym that had zero equipment.  When I finished, I was drenched in sweat and felt great!
  • Eccentric Upper/Lower – These are 2 separate workouts that focus on the eccentric.  Eccentric is often referred to as “negatives”, or a better description may be “pumped”.  These workouts keep your muscles under tension, which is the best way to induce hypertrophy or muscle growth.  For each exercise you will slow down the eccentric (or negative) movement, usually a 3 count and then on the concentric (shortening of the muscle/squeezing) you will explode on a 1 count.  For example, while performing a standard push-up you will slowly lower you body on a 3 count and then explode up on the push.  You will perform 10 reps of each of these exercises.  The key is the slow controlled negative.

The Power Workouts

  • Agility X – This is a full body workout that uses floor targets to maximize explosion and jumping.  Agility X requires both aerobic and anaerobic energy, focusing on precision, power, flexibility, balance, and strength.  This is not your parents cardio workout!!  These targeted movements force explosion, deceleration, and proprioceptive adaptations, this in turn increases your ability to move effortlessly over extended periods of time.  This is my favorite of the power workouts and most moves are performed on 1 leg, which increases the difficulty.
  • Triometrics – If you’re familiar with plyometrics from P90X, this is the updated, state of the art version of that.  “Plyometric” means explosive training, X3’s Triometric workout takes that explosiveness and utilizes three different difficulty levels for every exercise.  The benefit of this over traditional plyometrics is that the down time needed to recover is reduced and you spend more time working out and less time recovering.
  • Decelerator – According to statistics, most athletic injuries occur on the landing .  Decelerator is a total body workout that focuses on the landing.  Be careful, their are some pretty tough moves in this one and a lot of the moves require you to land on 1 foot.  Be prepared to follow the modified moves if you struggle with this one.

Cardio Workouts:

  • Cardio Vascular Extreme (CVX) – This cardio to the extreme as Tony combines cardio and weights with intervals in order to increase the impact across every system in your body.  CVX provides a full-body burn while strengthening your core at the same time.  Recently, I used this workout in a hotel gym and it was perfect with limited room and equipment.
  • (MMX) – These MMA inspired workouts are better in my opinion than the original Kenpo workout from P90X.  MMX combines karate, kenpo, jiu-jitsu, judo, and tae kwon do to increase your heart rate and burn fat by crushing your upper body, core and legs.
  • Accelerator – The best way to describe accelerator is cardio at two speeds, fast and really fast!!  There is nothing fancy here, just simple cardio moves that you can control the intensity.  Push yourself and don’t forget your towel to jump over and wipe the floor with.

Core, Flex & Balance:

  • Pilates X – I have never done pilates before trying Pilates X and man, was I surprised.  Pilates is like a cross between a yoga and ab ripper/core workout.  The key to pilates is forceful breathing, which helps flex and stimulate the core muscle on every rep.  It sounds funny, but it works!  After Pilates X my core was on fire.  Since I doubt many of you have tried Pilates you will like the unique moves and find that it can add a lot of variety to one of your hybrid workouts.
  • X3 Yoga – This is the original P90X yoga packed into 30 minutes.  It’s fast paced and effective.  If you didn’t like the longer 1 hour + versions of yoga in X and X2 then this is one you will love.  When you’re done you will feel limber and stretched out.  Even if your not a fan of yoga, the pace of the workout should keep you from skipping this one.
  • Isometric – This workout alternates between plank style moves while incorporating leg stabilization and balance.  Most of the moves are the intense holds from yoga while focusing in on core strength and core stability.  It’s tough, but ever if you don’t like yoga, you’ll like this version.
  • Dynamix – When I first heard about Dynamix I was expecting your routine stretching workout, WOW was I wrong!!  This is advanced stretching and stabilizing at its best.  Get ready because you will break a sweet during this workout and feel every muscle in your body.  Dynamix stretching will keep you moving and I promise you won’t get bored.

Elite Workouts: Optional workouts not included in Base Kit

Complex Upper/Lower – These workouts are similar to the PAP workouts in X2 and use the same philosophy.  These complex workouts require you to perform a weighted resistance exercise followed by an explosive movement.  Each complex consists of 4 rounds of 5 exercises, for example you will perform slow motion chin ups 12 reps and then move quickly to X plyo push-ups for 8 reps, etc.  Trust me, your body will be feeling it on this one.

X3 Ab Ripper – Ab ripper workouts speak for themselves, 8 exercises, 15 minutes and your abs/core will be begging you to stop.  Just when you thought Tony couldn’t come up with another exercise to crush your abs he creates X3 Ab Ripper!!

Cold Start – If you workout early in the morning, maybe from a garage or cold basement you might consider the cold start warm-up option.  The cold start option is available for every workout and designed to give you extra warm up time if you feel that you need it.

What Can I Expect From the P90X3 Program?

You do not have to be in tip top shape prior to starting the program, nor do you have to have completed P90X and P90X2 before taking on the P90X3 challenge.  The fact that P90X3 includes more condensed versions of the workouts at only 30 minutes each makes the program easier for you to incorporate into a busy schedule.

Since the workouts are so much shorter, the movement will be non-stop.  The P90X3 workouts are fast paced and intense.  They require you to give it your all the entire 30 minutes, including a 20 second warm up and 2 to 3 minute cool down.

The best part of all X workouts, including the P90X3 program is that it includes modifications for virtually every exercise.  This makes it easier for those that are not as physically fit to adapt to the program and succeed with it.  If you are not in good physical condition prior to starting P90X3, do it once with the modifications included and then once you become more familiar with the moves and in better shape, you can take on the complete, unmodified P90X3 Challenge.  

As you can see, this program is easily adaptable to any individual’s fitness needs, schedule and workout preference.  Beachbody and Tony Horton did their research when creating P90X3 and they have created a program that truly appeals to everyone.


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