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P90X for Women?

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I’m constantly being asked by women about P90X and if its possible to do the P90X program or other Beachbody programs like P90X2, P90X 3 or Body Beast.  The two statements I get the most are as follows: “P90x is too hard, it’s not for women” or something like this, “I don’t want to do P90x because I don’t want to get bulky”.  Now as far as women taking on the P90X challenge, its normal for them to worry about looking like a linebacker after the 90 days. So is P90X for women?

First, all of Beachbody’s workouts are prefect for women, including P90X.  I have coached woman and have been through fitness challenge groups with woman working out with P90X and they all vary in their types of fitness levels; from ex-cheerleaders, to single moms, to even grandparents!

What version of P90X should women follow? That’s right there are 3 versions of P90X: Classic, Lean, and Doubles.  Most people I know who have completed P90X did the Classic Version, myself included.   The Lean version is mainly cardio workouts and meant for extreme fat loss for those who are training for an upcoming marathon.  So what do I recommend for women? I recommend the Classic Schedule.

Why Classic? Resistance workouts speed up your metabolism for 48 hours after you work out, helping you burn more calories throughout the day, therefore leading to weight and fat loss.  This is called the after burn effect, CLICK HERE to read more.  Is there proof that P90X Classic works for women? Celebrities like Sheryl Crow, PINK, and Erin Andrews (ESPN Reporter) all follow the P90X Classic Version.(SEE BELOW)

What are some key tips for women going through P90X?  My first suggestion is to focus on higher reps (12-15-18) with lower weights during the resistance workouts.  Higher reps are more for toning, and getting that bikini wearing look that all woman want.  When you perform lower reps with heavier weight you will undoubtedly add muscle and thus see more bulking of the muscles.  Again, most men use higher weights and do lower reps to add on some mass.  This was what I did last summer to add 9 lbs of muscle in 90 days.   If you don’t have access to small weights, then I highly recommend the resistance bands.  You don’t need the complete set, you can order the P90X Bands for Women or checkout your local sports store like Hibbett’s or Dick’s Sporting Goods for some as well.  I’ve used bands before just to add variety and trust me they do the trick.  Feel the burn!

Another tip for women to see better results is to not over do it. What I mean by this is to still push yourself to the limit and max out every single set, but at the same time, if you have to modify to make the moves easier in order to complete a set, then do so! If you can only do 1-3 pushups normal, then modify the pushups on your knees and do 12-15.  You will receive a more sufficient workout rather than only doing 1 or 2.

Last tip is to follow the diet. Focus on a healthy diet! As I tell all the people that I coach, if you want the best results you have to follow a healthy diet plan, and the Nutrition Guide is a good place to look. The first phase in the Nutrition Guide focuses on fat loss by lowering the carbs. I suggest following this!

So is P90X for women? Yes! If you stay committed to the diet and focus on the other tips that I gave above, you will see results! Interested in trying P90X ? Why not!? Click here to Purchase P90X!

Check out the following pictures and videos below as women show off  their P90X results and talk about their experience.




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