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P90X2 Preview P.A.P Upper Workout

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This is a preview video of the P.A.P. Upper workout that will be part of P90X 2 coming this fall.  The first thing you may be asking is, “What is P.A.P. stand for?”.  It was started by Dr. Marcus Elliot, his state of the art facility is home to training for some of the worlds most elite Olympic and professional athletes.  And Beachbody has tapped his expertise to help develop some of the P90X 2 workouts.  

PAP stands for post-activation-potentiation — A big word developed by people who are experts at studying athletic performance and designing workouts to maximize our athletic potential! 

The PAP workouts will be part of the final 30 days of the P90X 2 day calendar (because they are TOUGH!).  The basic concept for the PAP workouts is “complex”, you rotate between a power move, a plyo/explosive move, and an isometric move.  You repeat those 3 things 4 rounds, and that’s a “complex”. It takes approximately 15 minutes to do a complex (which is 12 exercises).  You go from exercise to exercise with basically no rest, so it’s intense.

Checkout this preview video for the P.A.P. Upper (there is a P.A.P. Lower also, Ouch!!)  The guy in the black tank top and blue shorts is my coach.

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