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Dead Last is Greater than . . .Did Not Finish which still trumps . . .Did Not Start . . .

Of those 3 categories, which one do you fall into?  Have you ever made excuses about why you can’t be successful and never started?  Maybe you started but quit when things got tough or perhaps you finished but didn’t get the results you wanted.

It happens to all of us; even those who are so motivated with their fitness routines that we continue our workouts even on holidays when the rest of the world is indulging in fatty meals and spending time being lazy on the couch.

What happened one morning when you woke up and just couldn’t find the strength or the will power to workout that day and then the next? Everyone has a different reason.

What are the excuses and how to you fix the problem?  

Reason #1: You have a perceived lack of time

This one is probably the one that I hear the most. You have your job, or wife and possibly kids to attend to, not to mention your friends who you enjoy spending time with. Life’s doesn’t meet anyone halfway, and often, it disrupts your workout time.

What you can do:
Schedule your workout time.  Start scheduling your workout time into your day.  My workouts are scheduled at 4:30 A.M. because its the only time I have alone without any distractions.  Also, I use Beachbody programs which come with a 90 day calendar so that I know what my workout will be for the next 3 months.  Once it’s written, view it as a commitment, something you will have to schedule other things around. (Note: I rarely have to schedule things around my workout at 4:30 A.M. LOL)

Maximize your workout time. The second reason I like my Beachbody workouts (P90X, P90X 2, Insanity, Asylum and Body Beast) is that I know how long the workout are and I know exactly when I’ll be finished.  No waiting for equipment, no driving to the gym.  The workout starts and the clock at the bottom of the screen starts ticking.  Most of Beachbody’s programs work multiple muscle groups at a time to help maximize you workout time.

Schedule monthly workout sessions.  If you know that working out everyday is impossible consider making a monthly calendar.  A week or so before the month starts, mark at least 15 to 20 days you will commit to working out and stick to it.  By doing this you will have you workouts scheduled weeks in advance and you will know when you will have time off to plan other activities. 

Reason #2: I’m not seeing results

You’ve been working out for three months and have yet to see results. This makes you question why you even bother and sends your motivation out the window. If this is the case, it’s time to re-evaluate your nutrition and  workout routine.

What you can do:
Set realistic goals. If you started working out a month ago weighing 200 pounds with 25% body fat, you won’t be able to get down to a cut, 10% body fat frame in a few weeks. If your goal is a large one, break it down into smaller mini-goals so that you are continuously making small achievements.

Eat healthy. Finally, have a look at your diet; if you are grabbing a handful of nuts while watching the game or have been knocking back an extra soda, these will all add up and slow your progress.  When your diet is on track, your efforts will be much more noticeable.  You’ve heard me say it before eating a clean, nutritious diet is 80% of your results.

Reason #3: Injures!!

If you’ve suffered an injury recently, this will no doubt be a setback for you.  Don’t be discouraged, use this as motivation to work other parts of the body.  

What you can do:
Shift the focus of your workouts. Take the time to focus on other aspects of your workout that you have been neglecting. If you’ve been really hitting the weights hard, try emphasizing your cardio training a little more.

Emphasize other body parts. If you injured a smaller body part, such as your shoulder, you can still perform strength exercises for your legs.  Just make sure you allow yourself enough time to recover and seek professional treatment if need be, otherwise you will only increase the amount of time you are sidelined.

Reason #4: You feel intimidated

So, its been a few weeks, months or maybe years since you last worked out, you may feel slightly embarrassed by your current weight when you’re at work among all your colleagues.   

Or, if you’re a newbie and don’t understand how to eat properly or you might feel intimidated by all the different equipment and new exercises.

What you can do:
Talk to a Beachbody coach (ME).  Beachbody has workouts to fit anyone’s fitness level.  They range for the intensity of P90X or Insanity to workouts like 10 minute trainer and Body Gospel that wont leave you passed out in the floor lying in a puddle of your own sweat.

Train with others.  If you need motivation and support I have several 90 Day Challenge groups going when you and 4 or 5 others workout together using the same workout and corresponding through facebook.  I will also be there to answer your questions and provide you with the proper support.  People are more successful when they have the proper support system.  CLICK HERE to join a challenge group.

Reason #5: You don’t like going to the gym

If you got your gym membership years ago, various factors might have changed. If it’s the gym that’s keeping you out of the gym, then it’s time to look at a home based workout program.

What you can do:
Get a workout from Beachbody.  When looking for a home based workout program Beachbody has many to choose from and one that will definitely be right for you.  Just click on “Programs” at the top of this page to check them out.

Reason #6: No one to provide support and encouragement

Your wife/family/girlfriend may be angry that you’re cutting into the time they get to spend with you by working out so much, and your friends may become slightly resentful of your rapidly-improving body and the fact that you’re making them look bad.

What you can do:
Invite them to train with you.  Invite your wife/family/girlfriend to join you and share with them the difference eating a clean diet and using Beachbody workouts has made.  

If your buddies are the problem, invite them as well. Otherwise, you may want to avoid mentioning your workouts around them.

Reason #7: You can find the motivation to workout anymore

Most people who quit working out are usually the ones that aren’t seeing the results they’ve hoped for.  If you’re not dialing into your nutrition from the beginning, then you can expect the results to be slow and unnoticeable   

What you can do:
Visualize the results. Envision the results you hope to see and use the nutrition guide that came with you Beachbody workout to make proper changes to your diet that will get you the best results possible.

Update your routine. Change your workout routine.  Since I have more than one Beachbody workout I like to “Mix n Match” workouts to create hybrids.  One of my favorites is a P90X/Insanity hybrid that combines 3 days of lifting with P90X and 3 days of cardio with Insanity.  Often, a change of pace is enough to get you going again.

Reward yourself. Buy yourself something you really want after a given amount of successful sessions. Set a goal you can work toward.

training hard… or hardly training?

Don’t stress too much if you find yourself losing interest in working out.  Just stop and take a good look at what’s keeping you away and come up with a way that works for you to overcome these factors and re-motivate yourself to continue on your path to better health and a better body.


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