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Routines and Habits

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What is the difference between a routine and a habit?

Routines have to do with time – they’re what you do every morning, afternoon, or evening.  They’re the bowl of Oatmeal with fruit you have for breakfast because you know that they’re low calorie and healthy.  They’re the five mile run you take every morning so you feel better.  They’re the hand full of almonds that you have each afternoon to stave off hunger.

But habits?  Well, habits are a broader way that you actually live – and they really don’t have a lot to do with fixed time frames or specifics.

For instance, your routine may be the bowl of Oatmeal with fruit, but your habit may be to work whole grains into breakfast.  The end result is the same, but the habits are more likely to get you to change who you really are. And when you actually change your habits, you start to change yourself.  If you’re the oatmeal eating fit guy, what do you do when you visit other people or go out to breakfast and there are no Oatmeal or fruit in sight?  Your routine is gone and you’re more likely to throw the whole eating healthy thing out the window, RIGHT?

BUT if your habit is to have whole grains at every breakfast, you’d shrug off the oatmeal-free morning and choose something that was equally as hearty.

Healthy habits are what make your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals a success.  Ultimately, leading to more energy and reaching your ideal body weight. And you must replace bad habits with the healthy ones. But the most important thing you need to do to make it work is to be persistent.  So you’ll have to repeat the good habits daily.  Do your daily exercise, eat healthy meals, and keep yourself motivated.  Years ago I established a workout routine, but it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I added my nutritional routine.  That’s when I saw my motivation and results go off the charts.

 Eventually, consciously repeating healthy habits daily becomes automatic daily routines that make you destined to lose weight and live an energetic life to the fullest. That’s because after a while those healthy habits become ingrained into your mind.  You’ll begin to repeat patterns of behavior with out even thinking about it.  And that will lead you to the promised land of health, energy, wellness, and looking good. Ultimately, you’ll have a life filled with positive daily routines.  My Daily routine consists of working out at 4:30 a.m., every morning, seven days a week.  People hear me say that and they think I’m crazy.  However, the more I do it the more it becomes a part of what I do, and it works.

Tip: Use visual reminders to help you develop healthy habits, like printing and displaying your 30, 60 and 90 day results on your fridge.  You should also enlist support from friends and family (look under Beachbody coaching and make me your coach, Its Free!!! and I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals).  And whenever possible replace bad habits with healthy ones instead.

So what do you suggest as ways to develop healthy habits and healthy daily routines?

What is the one thing that all successful people have in common?  They have a daily or weekly routine.  When it comes to working out, their day goes something like this . ..go to bed at the same time every day.  Wake up at the same time every day.  Eat at the same times every day.  Workout at the same time every day.

But life doesn’t always work out like that, some of those things we can control, and some we can’t.  Is there an easy solution to help you stay on track?  Unfortunately no!  It’s not ideal.  And there’s nothing that we can do to make it ideal.  But just like Tony says, “do your best and forget the rest”.  Like I mentioned earlier, once you establish that daily routine, an unexpected change in your schedule won’t get you side tracked.

Accept the fact that some days are going to be short and some are going to be long.  This will throw off the daily nutrition guidelines some.  If you follow your normal day’s routine, and then decide to stay up all night, I would still stop eating after dinner.  I shouldn’t compound my sleep deprivation with overeating.

And will your workout schedule be ideal?  Again, probably not.  Some days you may need to workout when you first wake up.  Other days it may be after work.  Since your work schedule is in flux, everything else will have to adjust as well to fit it in.

Like I said before, a set daily routine is best, but that doesn’t mean you are doomed to failure because of chaotic work hours.  DO YOUR BEST AND FORGET THE REST!  Make no excuses and overcome the obstacles.

But ultimately, we are all in different circumstances and we all have the power to BRING IT if we really want to .  No excuses!

“Insanity is doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting different results.”

The problem with an exercise routine is that it encourages you to do exactly this and worse still you may not be aware of it.  You may see results from your efforts but how can you be sure that the results are beneficial or that they could have been achieved another way, perhaps an easier way with less stress whilst teaching you something in the process.

The barriers that prevent improvement are usually not what we would call physical, but ones created by attitude.  For this reason our training programs do not use conventional exercise routines, as these can conversely cultivate performance-limiting habits.  Neither are our methods purely a ‘mind-training’ approach promoting the concept of a division between mind and body and therefore proceeding to train the two separately. The path to improvement is not through trying harder and doing yet more of the same but in learning to reduce effort by training smarter.


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