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Scary Statistics

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Take a look at the following statistics:

How many people who buy P90X / Insanity / Body Beast, etc. actually finish the program?  Would you say 75%? 50%? How about LESS THAN 25%.  Unfortunately, that means for every 4 people who buy it, only 1 will finish it!!!  This is why Beachbody allows people like me to become coaches, because they know that people who have a coach to keep them motivated are more likely to fall into that 25% that finish.  Personally, if I don’t have a program to follow and something (website) or somebody (my coach) to motivate me, I find it difficult to push play everyday.  That’s why I’m a coach, that’s why I follow the nutrition plan and that’s why I follow the entire program, its how I stay motivated and get results.

I want to ask you a question, “What are you going to do to be sure you are in the 25% that finish??”   Think about that, because you don’t just start a rigorous training program like P90X or Insanity without really deciding what your goals are and how much you are willing to do to get there, you will end up in the 75% that fall off the wagon!  YOU have to decide and make the commitment to change, nobody can do it for you!!!

Another statistic you must be aware of:  How many of the people who finish Day 90 (or Day 63 in the case of Insanity) actually gave 100% to the nutrition and supplements and reached their weight loss goals?  It’s LESS THAN HALF!  For you math majors out there, that means that our success rate is actually only 12.5%, not even the 25%.   So my new question for you is this:  “How committed are you to not only reaching the goal, but seeing the results you want by giving the nutrition and supplements your 100% commitment?”.

Too often I hear people who have used  P90X and gone through 1 round, 2 rounds, etc. tell stories of how they haven’t noticed much change because “I didn’t really follow the diet”.  I’ve mentioned this many times before, nutrition is 70% of your success.  Why would someone bust their tail for an hour every day on these intense workouts and then let it all go to waste by putting garbage into their body??  It makes no logical sense and yet people continue to do it everyday!

Trust me I’m not upset with you.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I want you to have the same success I had and that thousands of others have had following the program and not just the workout.  I want everyone on TeamInternallyFit to be in that 12.5% that reaches their goals and has the results to show for it!  That’s why I work so hard as your coach to stay plugged in and keep you plugged in.  I promise you that even though it’s hard work, it’s SO worth it!

Have you seen my transformation video?  If you need a little extra motivation to BRING IT every day and never cheat on the nutrition, see what I’ve accomplished by doing exactly that!  I’m in the 12.5% and I am never going back!!  I’ve realized that by making the commitment to do the work everyday I feel younger, stronger and in the best shape of my life.  I’m 41 and all my life I’ve heard people tell me, “everything is downhill once you reach 30”.  For many that may be the case, but not for me, I’m in better shape now than I was in my teens or 20’s!!!

I told myself when I started P90X over 5 years ago that I was going to do whatever it took to succeed.  I was tired of the way I looked and felt.  I told myself that I would work out no matter what — even if it was on 1 hour sleep. No excuses.  I told myself I would not eat ANY junk food at all for 90 days.  I promised myself and I wasn’t going to let anything change that.  And I followed through.  Will you follow through?  Talk is cheap.  The initial excitement fades quickly.  Will you persevere?  I’m here if you need me!!  I can’t wait to celebrate with you at the goal line!!!

Just in case you needed more motivation to get up and get moving!!

About one-third of U.S. adults (33.8%) are obese.

 Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19   years are obese.

Obesity-related  conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of  cancer, some of the leading causes of death.

In  2008, medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at $147 billion; the  medical costs paid by third-party payers for people who are obese were $1,429 higher  than those of normal weight.

Childhood  obesity can have a harmful effect on the body in a variety of ways. Obese  children are more likely to have–

  • High blood pressure  and high cholesterol, which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD).  In one study, 70% of obese children had at least one CVD risk factor, and 39%  had two or more.
  • Increased risk of  impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.
  • Breathing problems,  such as sleep apnea, and asthma.
  • Joint problems and  musculoskeletal discomfort.
  • Fatty liver disease,  gallstones, and gastro-esophageal reflux (i.e., heartburn).
  • Obese children and  adolescents have a greater risk of social and psychological problems, such as  discrimination and poor self-esteem, which can continue into adulthood.

Health  risks later


  • Obese children are more likely to become  obese adults.   Adult obesity is  associated with a number of serious health conditions including heart disease,  diabetes, and some cancers.
  • If  children are overweight, obesity in adulthood is likely to be more severe.


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