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Raise your hand if you have ever struggled during a workout?  That’s right, we all have and there is no getting around it:  getting fit happens one day at a time, one workout session at a time, one decision at a time.  When we break down the steps to your success, the smallest unit to deal with is your decision to just do the workout no matter how bad you struggle.   Either you do it or you procrastinate until the day is over and it is never accomplished.  You need help to get it done!  Need motivation? CLICK HERE and make me your coach, It’s free and I can help you reach your health and fitness goals!!!!

1.) Set goals and make a “To Do” list – What you have to do is find the most important task on your to-do list.  This is the task which, when finished, will have a profound impact on your day and your life.  As far as my health, that task is my diet/workouts.  When this is accomplished, you will feel confident, energized and ready to tackle the next thing.  Building a to-do list and marking accomplishments off the list creates momentum which will carry you through the rest of your day reaching goal after goal.

2.) Establish a habit of regular exercise – However, not only is this task the most important, it may be the task that is hardest and most prone to being put-off.  I know that establishing the habit of regular workouts can be challenging.  Sometimes it is the hardest, most difficult thing you have to do all day.  But what happens when we procrastinate with a task?  It hangs over our heads, drains our energy, and lowers our productivity:  we regret it all day rather than just doing it and moving on.

High-achieving people know that starting each day by checking things off the to do list puts you on the fast track to success.  Once you establish the habit of jumping into your workout each morning, it will get easier and easier!  You will crave the physical and mental exhilaration that it brings, as well as the trajectory of achievement that it puts you on for the whole day.

3.) Work through your struggles, learn from them, don’t give up because of them – The dictionary defines the word struggle: to progress with difficulty.  Just because you struggle with a workout does not mean you stop.  It means you should work thru your struggles and each time you do, you will see progress.  You don’t have to be overweight and out of shape to struggle.  You maybe fit and healthy but lack the motivation to workout on a daily basis.  Whatever your situation you have to decide to be action-oriented and start working on that to-do list!  Before you know it you will reach your goal of getting fit!


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*Note – If you have a “dud” coach and would like to change coaches, the process to do so is very simple. Simply email and tell them that you would like “Coach Todd Greene (Coach ID #99963) at ” as your coach. Please CC me as well so I can ensure to follow-up.


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