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The Snow Ball Effect

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Its winter time and if you’re like me you’ve already seen your first snow fall.  What’s the first thing people do when they see snow?  Of course, we pack snow together to make a huge snow ball and throw it at somebody. . . right?  Well, that’s not the snow ball effect I’m talking about.  According to the dictionary the snow ball effect is descriptive of an entity or  situation where something once small and relatively insignificant grows exponentially at a swift pace, engulfing everything in its path.  The snowball effect can also (although more harshly) apply to an adult who bulks up due to excessive eating or disease.  That was me 2 1/2 years ago, I was eating whatever I wanted and “growing exponentially at a swift pace”, especially around the waist.  A more dramatic progression than the classic domino effect. The basic workings of a literal snowball effect can be illustrated by taking one’s average baseball-sized snowball and dropping it down the side of a snowy hill.   As it descends it gathers more snow and whatever leaves, sticks, etc. are in its way. 

Does the snow ball effect describe your diet or your health over the last few years?  Back a few years ago, did you have more energy, workout more, eat better and then the snow ball effect started and things have started to “pile on”.  At first you gain just a pound or two and then five and the next thing you know you’ve put on 40 or 50 pounds and you are wondering when is it going to stop?  The snow ball effect is controlled by momentum, the more it rolls the more it grows.  The snowball accumulates not only size, but speed.   Because you know this is a game of momentum, and if you have a bad week (or a bad weekend, etc.) it can start a snowball effect in a hurry!

If you’ve been stuffing your face over the holidays with junk food and candy then that’s where your momentum is heading.  It’s like a freight train running out of control and its hard to stop and reverse.  I willing to bet that if your filling you body with junk your workouts are suffering, that is if you are still committed to working out.  Usually when the diet goes the workouts are soon to follow and visa versa.  I used to be one of those people that took a “break” during the holidays, cutback on my workouts and let my eating get out of hand.  I always thought I would just make up for it in January.  What I didn’t realize was how hard it was going to be to work off the added weight I put on during the holidays.  Trust me its a lot easier to put in on than it is to take it off.  Plus, trying to regain the momentum that I had created over the previous months didn’t come back like I hoped it would.  I discovered it’s so much harder to RE-START than it was to start the first time.

That’s why I encourage people to try and avoid cheat meals and to never skip a workout, unless its a rest day.

What is the key to momentum?  What’s the key to avoiding that negative snowball from rolling you up in an avalanche of failure?  Momentum is IN YOUR HEAD!  It’s real, it’s powerful, but it’s in your head!  There is no reason that it’s truly “easier” for me to eat right and workout today than it is for anyone else.  But I’ve got over 2 years’ worth of momentum going for me, and every time I make a decision to reinforce that momentum, it gets stronger.  Every time I make a decision to undermine that momentum, it weakens my momentum.

Are you riding the wave of momentum with your fitness?  I set the tone early with my transformation and gained a ton of momentum with losing body fat, gaining strength, gaining energy and a developing a new outlook on what I was capable of.  And I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING take that momentum from me.  I decided not to let a cheat meal, negative person or scheduling conflict to ruin my momentum.  I rode the wave all the way to an amazing transformation.  And I’m still riding it!

The good news is that momentum goes both ways, it can go against you but it can also go with you.  You can do what I did and develop strategies to help you gain the momentum and keep it.

If you struggle with nutrition . . .

Then do the things you need to do in order to get momentum on your side with your nutrition!  Have the mind set of “NO EXCUSES” and commit to tracking everything you eat and researching what’s in the stuff you eat.  By finding out some of the JUNK in the food I was eating made it easier for me to give it up and never look back.  Go checkout the nutrition and motivation tab on my site to help you find the tools you need to start the momentum heading in the other direction!

If you struggle with committing to the workouts everyday . . .

Then do what you need to do in order to seize momentum with your workout schedule!  Have the mind set of “NO EXCUSES”  and sit down and developed a daily schedule that will prioritize your workout EVERY DAY.  Tony Horton makes out a monthly calender so he knows what workouts he will be doing for the next 30 days and he sticks to them.   If you don’t have open time in the afternoon or evening, have you made the commitment to waking up an hour earlier so that you know you’ll get it done?  I committed to working out at 4:30  A.M. so that I would have no conflicts or excuses to stand in my way and keep me from working out.  It was hard in the beginning but after just a few days I wouldn’t do it any other time.   If you just hope to work it in during the day, don’t expect the momentum to stick around long!

If you’ve lost the momentum, it’s never too late to get it back.  If you’ve fallen out of the workout routine, out of the diet, DON”T GIVE UP!  Do something extreme!  Write down your commitment to yourself of how you will do it, tell as many people as you can to hold you to it, and go all-in!  Get the momentum back on your side!  And if you are on a roll, don’t get complacent!  Do everything you can to keep the momentum going!!  That snowball can sneak up on you in a hurry if you aren’t careful!


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