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What’s the Difference?

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When I tell people that I’m currently working out using P90X 2 the question they will typically ask is, “What’s the difference between P90X and P90X2?”  Now, that should be an easy question to answer, since both workouts are so different.  However, I’ve discovered it’s more difficult than you think.  I’ve used terms like “functional fitness”,  “athletic performance training” and “PAP” to describe some of the workouts in P90X 2.

One of the hardest things to explain to a P90X newbie is exactly what PAP training is.  This week I read a blog post from nutrition expert Steve Edwards and his explanation of want PAP training is and how it helps some of the top athletes in the world perform even better.

Steve has been very involved with following the PAP training of professional and elite athletes at the P3 training facility (which is where Tony Horton spent a lot of time working to develop the PAP workouts for P90X2).

I want to pass along this article from Steve’s blog that highlights how PAP training is being used for athletes such as Jeremy Evans, who just won the NBA Slam Dunk contest last weekend!

P90X2 A Slam Dunk!

Congratulations to P3 athlete Jeremy Evans who won the NBA slam dunk competition on All Star Weekend. In this video of Evans training at P3 you’ll see him doing a lot of the same movements we do in P90X2, including the exact same PAP movements (step-up convicts to split squats).

He began training at P3 immediately after being drafted, where Dr. Marcus Elliott and his staff have turned him into a dunking machine. Over 60% of his baskets have come via dunk, not counting this one:

When people use their athleticism to punch their meal ticket this is the kind of training they do. And it’s no coincidence Jeremy’s doing what’s more or less an X2 workout, since Elliott and P3 were integral in its design. If you want to improve your hops, or any aspect of your athleticism, P90X2’s a slam dunk.

This clip shows Evans’ winning dunks, with a guest appearance from fellow P3 athlete Gordon Hayward. Incidentally, after Blake Griffin won last year’s contest jumping over a car Evans went out and did it “just to see if I could.” He one-ups him this year by jumping over a seated Hayward, catching and dunking two balls in the process. Insane. Then he jumps over someone standing fully erect. Wow.

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