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Why workout at home?

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I’ll be the first to admit it.  I was one of those people that said I will never, ever lift/workout at home . . . well look at me NOW!!!  Not only have I worked out at home for the past 2 1/2 years but I wouldn’t go back to a gym.  Here are the reasons why.

1.)  No more driving to the gym – From where I live the closest gym was 20 minutes away.  So on my day off for example, I would drive 20 minutes to get to the gym, workout for approximately 70 minutes, running for 30 minutes and then drive back home hot and sweaty for another 20 minutes.  In total I spend over 2 hours working out and driving and never achieved the results I’ve gotten working out at home with P90X/Insanity and other beachbody products.

2.) No more gym memberships – My gym membership used to cost me just over $20.00 a month ( I got special discount because of where I worked).  That comes out to about $270.00 a year.  I spent less than that on all my beachbody products combined and have much better results.  I don’t have to renew, get charged a late fee or pay a start up fee.

3.) No one is watching – Since you workout in the privacy of your own home you don’t have to worry about how you look, who’s watching, how much you’re lifting or if you mess up.

4.) You can go at your own pace – The great thing about a home based workout on DVD is the pause button.  If you need a break or the workout is going faster than your current pace, just hit the pause button and resume when you are ready.  Plus, many of the beachbody workout programs have modifications for those that are beginners or unable to perform all of the exercises.

5.) Your workout schedule is planned – Each time I start a beachbody workout I know exactly what my workout will be for the next 30, 60 or 90 days.  Why is this beneficial?  If I have a day where I’m going to be out of town or I know I will not be able to workout on a specific day, I can look ahead and make adjustments to my workout schedule to make it better fit my situation.  For example, If I know months ahead of time that I’m going to be gone on vacation for a week I will change my workout schedule enough so that my recovery week will occur while I’m on vacation.  That way I can still complete my workouts but I don’t need to take extra equipment with me other than bands and my DVD’s.

6.) Your nutrition guide is planned – You don’t know what to eat?  No problem, all of beachbody’s programs come with a fitness guide that will provide you with the nutritional information you need to fuel your body through the workouts and give you maximum results.  They don’t teach you how to eat right at the gym.

7.)  Your workout time is reduced – When your gym is in your house you don’t have to drive to a gym or spend time getting ready.  As I stated earlier my workout, including drive times could run anywhere from 2 to 2 1/2 hours long.  By working out at home I have reduced that time to less than 1 hour.  Again, with better results and better health than I had before.

8.) You know exactly how long the workout is going to last – One of the best things about beachbody’s workouts is that I know before I start how long the workout is going to take.  I don’t have to wait for equipment like I did at the gym or get caught talking with someone while I workout.  I push play on the DVD, do the workout and then I’m done.  TIME TO HIT THE SHOWER!!!!  My longest workout takes approximately 58:00 minutes and my shortest is 20:00 minutes.  If I start my workout at 4:45 am then I know I will be done by 5;45 am.  When you have a busy schedule like we all do, knowing is half the battle.

9.) You know the exercises that you will be performing that day – When I start my workout I have my workout sheets with me and I know exactly what exercises I will be doing that day.  No more trying to figure out what I should do that day or just doing the same thing every time I set foot in the gym.  All of beachbody’s workouts provide variety, workout sheets to track progress and a workout out schedule so you know what to do that day.

10.) You know what the results are going to beI know that if I will follow the “program” that is laid out for me by the beachbody trainers like Tony Horton and Shaun T then I will get the results that I want.









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