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Why You Need Water.

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As summer quickly approaches and temperatures rise across the country the need for hydration becomes even more important.  Why are we always being told to drink more water?  Well, as you can see from the chart approximately 70% of our body is made up of water and water is a nutrient your body needs that can be found in food, plain water and other liquid drinks.   These days I see a lot more people drinking water and recently water has become the 2nd most popular drink behind soft drinks.  However, are Americans drinking enough water?  Probably not.  I personally drink water throughout the entire day, especially in the morning since that’s when I workout.  I don’t drink soft drinks, sports drinks or juices, only water and I still find that on occasion I am slightly dehydrated.  So, I know that if I can get dehydrated and I’m constantly drinking water, how much more can the average American if soft drinks are the number one consumed beverage?

Here are some great reasons why you should put down the soft drinks, sports drinks or juices and focus more on drinking water.

1.) Weight loss – Water is not a magic pill when it comes to weight loss, however replacing your sugary, high calorie soft drinks with a nice cold glass of water can definitely lead to a slimmer waistline.  Another plus for drinking more water is that it gives you the sensation of being full.  If you feel full then you are less likely to overeat on unwanted calories.  Eating foods that are water rich is key to feeling full and getting all of the benefits.  Here are some water rich foods that you should be eating everyday: fruits, vegetables, oatmeal and beans.  Approximately 20 to 25% of the water level in our bodies comes from foods.

2.) Energy – Most people don’t realize how beneficial water is to boosting energy.  When a person is dehydrated they will feel tired, run down and likely experience headaches.  One of the first things that I do right after I wake up is to run into the kitchen and drink a glass of ice water and immediately I start to feel my body wake up and feel energized.   

3.) Healthy Skin – Believe it or not your skin is full of water and the skin actually helps maintain fluid levels in the body.  Being dehydrated can also make your skin feel dry and look wrinkly . . . and nobody wants that!!

4.) Your body needs it –  As you can see from the picture your body, as well as essential organs need lots of water to function properly.  Notice your muscles are made up of 76% water.  I did a little research and found out that one of the leading causes of muscle pulls or strains is dehydration.  Lack of water in the muscles causes them to fatigue and be more susceptible to be injured.  Checkout the kidneys, maintaining proper water levels in the body help the kidneys function properly and remove unwanted toxic waste from the body.  That’s definitely a good thing!!

So, the next time you reach for a soft drink, sports drink or any other liquid besides water, just remember how healthy water can be and that your body needs a lot of it!


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